Food for thought!

“Why did Allah create us when we have to eventually die and return to Allah anyway?” asked my 7 years old son.

We were having a heart to heart conversation before bedtime and my inquisitive little munchkin as always had such questions to ask that leave me flabbergasted. Why though? I tried searching for an answer worthy enough to satisfy his curious mind. I don’t really remember what I mumbled to him and hushed him to sleep but the question was deep and got me thinking.

My son was five when my mother in law was diagnosed with fourth stage carcinoma. He saw the one person he loved the most growing ill slowly and gradually. From a person who would tend to his needs day in and day out , he saw how she had become the person who needed to be taken care of. He would run errands for her, pray for her, make cards and send to her in her last days of hospitalization. He saw her in the ICU all wired up with machines and then at the age of 6 he saw the dead body of his beloved Ammi, his grandmother. He goes to her grave, prays for her, keeps her room tidy because what will Ammi say if she sees her room untidy. Asking such a question was only logical at his end!

I was told not to let my children see their grandmother in death but I believed they needed to see her so their little minds could comprehend , in their own way, that passing away is a process. Even my girl, on the Autism spectrum knew the chain, that first Ammi fell ill, went to the hospital, then went to the grave and became an angel in the skies above. Now, after one year of her death, if you ask her where is ammi? She casually replies in the qabristaan (graveyard).

My kids were that close to their grandmother! Our world became gloomy. Alhamdolillah we were blessed with good things too in the past year but the happiness feels incomplete without her because she used to celebrate the most on even the tiniest of our achievements.

So why are we created? Indeed this world is a testing ground for us. That’s the sole purpose of our existence here on earth. But life is so unpredictable. We plan and then Allah plans and indeed He is the best of Planners. Some people are given plenty of chances to complete their affairs of this world , yet others dont even know that they wouldnt live to see the next dawn.

Why are we not that religious then? Why do we hoarde things which would become meaningless to others once we die? Why do we make long term plans for this world and not think much about the hereafter?

No matter whatever we plan and think of life, it will end one day anyway. May it end on Imaan and in a way that Allah is pleased with us. Ameen ya Rabbul Aalameen

Much love


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