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People have different reasons to log online to the World Wide Web but what I believe to be the beauty of the internet is the ease with which you can connect with just anyone around the globe based on shared interest and whip up a strong bond of friendship with people from different regions and ethnicities. 
It’s the world of technology where everyone hides behind their gadgets to live in virtual reality. While many debate that technology has ruined personal relationships among people (which I believe to be true) yet if the person sitting next to me is more comfortable communicating with his/her virtual friends than instead of wallowing about not giving me time I would indulge in some interest of my own. 
I consider myself a socially awkward person who cannot communicate effectively with just anyone so I hide behind the cyber world to get myself heard. And I enjoy that very much. The internet has helped me get in touch with not only Special Needs Moms but also other concerned care-givers from around the world and sharing my experiences related to Autism and TCHD with them and learning theirs has been a Wonderful experience. 
When I jumped on the Autism bandwagon I didn’t have anyone to turn to in my own community. I had no idea about who were the game changers in the field of Autism. One reason was I used to hide my daughter’s diagnosis. The frustration and depression kept on building inside me making me snide and irritable and very much negative. I’m not that person and even if I am I don’t want that side to wake up and engulf my present persona. One day things got too much for me and I let go. I created this blog and kept on posting for two three days and let it all go. I told my story to the world and felt thousand times better. 
I have always believed that whatever knowledge a person has it should be shared because there are others who are not courageous enough to talk about their issues due to social norms maybe or family pressure. There should be someone to stand for all such people. As I told earlier I’m a very bad conversationalist but I can pen down my feelings and thoughts and that’s what I have chosen to do. 
As a result moms of many newly diagnosed Autistic kids have started asking me for tips and suggestions and anything that they can use to help their children. I was lucky that my daughter just had PDD-NOS and not classic Autism. Although her diagnosis of PDD-NOS means she’s split between the two worlds: the world of Neurotypicals and the world of Autism. Autism is Autism no matter on which point of Autism a child stands. For the Autism world my daughter may be close to NTs but for me handling her daily issues is still a constant drag and top priority due to which my NT child has to suffer sometimes. To the NT world she may have behavior issues and milestone delays but for me she can read and learn just like any other NT child it’s just her behavior that goes wayward because of being on the spectrum.
I take her to mainstream school in the morning, stay with her in the class as a shadow teacher then cater to her Speech Therapy needs by taking her to her speech sessions. But the training doesn’t stop there. It’s an ongoing process. I’m grateful it’s just PDD-NOS! I’m thankful to Almighty Allah that she listens to me and that I’m able to keep her in check but that doesn’t mean that her Autism would ever go away. As she grows older she might learn to control her behaviors but that only time will tell. For now I’m glued to her 24/7. For now I can just share all the tips and tricks that helped my daughter so far without any guarantee that they would prove as effective for other kids as these were for her. 
In the present day there are a number of groups and pages and blogs that connect parents of ASD kids in various ways. Having something close to home was what was lacking. That’s the niche I am trying to target. To provide a platform for all SN parents in my region through which they can connect, share and learn from one another. 
In the next blog(s) I would be answering questions that have been recently asked in the hope that someone might benefit from them. Here I’d like to emphasize again that anything I share and/or suggest is based on my personal experiences and in no way can take place of a certified therapist!
Until we meet again…





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At present a mother of two kids who is set out to raise awareness about Total Colonic Hirschsprung's Disease and PDD-NOS!!
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